The grass will be as in the picture: how often should you mow the lawn

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To keep your lawn looking well-maintained, you need to avoid common mistakes.

The debate about what a lawn should look like has been a hot topic lately. Environmentalists argue that mature grass provides a better refuge for insects and attracts beneficial butterflies and bees. However, fans of manicured lawns don't listen to their arguments and continue mowing lawns near their homes.

But how often should you do it right? Woman and Home spoke with experts on gardening, who gave professional advice on this subject.

What experts say about how often you should mow your lawn

If you want to keep your yard's lawn in immaculate condition, you'll need to use a lawn mower at least once a week during the warm season. Maybe even twice a week. It's better to mow often, but little by little, than to mow everything almost to the root at once.

However, a lawn that is constantly watered needs such regularity. In periods of drought you can take breaks - then the wilted grass is not worth touching.

However, the experts say: if you like lush grass, then this recommendation can be neglected. After all, it is up to you to decide what you want to see near your house or on the garden plot.

How the weather affects how often you mow your lawn

The higher the air and ground temperature, the faster the grass grows. Accordingly, you will have to mow the lawn more often and cut the grass to a lower height.

But if there is a lack of rainfall, it is better not to cut the lawn short. Longer grass will better cope with the lack of moisture. Cutting it too short can deprive the plants of water and cause them to dry out, while a taller cut will help stimulate growth and thicken the grass later on.

When it's best to mow your lawn

As with any garden work, the best time to mow your lawn is early in the morning. Or late afternoon, when the sun is less active. But it's best to avoid lawn care in the morning if it's been raining or freezing at night. Wet lawn grass is best not mowed.

Either way, timely mowing encourages the grass to branch out and grow more vigorously. Over time, you will only get a more lush cover.

Common lawn mowing mistakes

These mistakes are made even by experienced lawn owners. That's why it's best to familiarize yourself with the list in advance.

Mowing the grass too short

Leaf length is crucial for a healthy lawn. Do not cut more than a third of the grass height at a time - this puts the plants under unnecessary stress and they may even fade in color.

Avoiding a fast mowing regimen

Mowing your lawn at top speed is a great idea. It will not only help save time on grass maintenance, but also, despite existing stereotypes, keep it better.

Mowing in one pattern

If you only move the mower in a straight line, it can be bad for the grass. Changing your mowing pattern is useful because it means you're not constantly forcing the grass to bend in one particular direction.

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