The former ballerina, who looks 20 years younger at 60, revealed her beauty secrets

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The woman does not follow a special diet

60-year-old American Ivana Daniell looks 20 years younger. She used to be a ballerina. Then she decided to dedicate her life to the study of posture and movement and is now a body expert and author of the book The Modern Body Handbook.

The woman has her own skin care secrets, each of which allows her to lose two decades of age. She shared with Express the main tips of youth, which she attributes to the balance of proper nutrition, movement, and a few basic foods.

Ivana Daniell used to be a ballerina.

"My body is not aging, it is rejuvenating. I'm over 60, and I notice that I'm getting better and younger," said Daniell.

The main philosophy of the American woman is to be aware of the individuality of your body and look for the right professional to guide you, because what is good for one person may be bad for another.

The woman also has some simple secrets that everyone can try at home.

According to her, one product that everyone should stock up on is sunscreen.

Ivana Daniell takes care of her skin regularly.

"I haven't been in the sun since I was 30 and I put on Factor 50 every day. A dermatologist checked me and said that my skin is 20 years younger than it should be. Believe me, it's that simple," Daniell added.

She puts sunscreen on her face and hands every day, and is also active in body treatments.

"I use a very good skincare regimen that is appropriate for my age. It's not particularly expensive, but I follow the regimen very carefully," said the American.

Daniell uses several products with retinol (vitamin A ) at night, as this is the best way to renew the skin after 40-50 years. In the morning, she applies a serum with vitamin C to her face to prevent the appearance of age spots.

Ivana Daniell leads an active lifestyle.

"One thing that everyone can do is to improve their posture," she emphasized.

She also gave advice to those who struggle with their weight. The American believes that the main reason for extra pounds is a sedentary lifestyle and an unsuitable diet.

"Lifestyle brings longevity, there is no other secret. I never strain my body. I try to make beautiful and smooth movements. I walk outdoors for at least 40 minutes every day," Daniell added.

Ivana Daniell indulges in a little bit of goodies.

The American eats a little bit of vegetables, meat, carbohydrates, and dairy products. She does not limit herself.

"I don't believe in diets and eat very consciously. I like to have a good meal out and drink a glass of good red wine. Everything in moderation, nothing crazy," said the American.

In addition, she chooses simplicity in fashion.

Ivana Daniell keeps things simple in fashion.

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