The easiest way to clean mold in the shower: no scrubbing and almost free

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Household bleach will work better with a paper towel pad

One of the most unpleasant household chores is cleaning off mold in the corners of the bathroom. Sometimes it seems that there is no way to remove it from there. However, it is necessary to fight this scourge, because it can cause serious health problems.

Once again, TikTok craftsmen come to the rescue. The Sun has discovered a simple life hack for fighting mold in the bathroom, which has already gained more than 19 million views. The method is extremely cheap and does not require serious physical effort.

The method was shared by a user under the nickname anneleise01. He demonstrated how easy it is to deal with mold in the corner using a paper towel and ordinary household bleach.

A piece of towel should be folded several times lengthwise to make a wide strip, and put it on the affected area. Then pour a little bleach on the paper. To enhance the effect, you can put on household gloves and press the paper with your finger against the surface where the mold has developed. Afterwards, leave the poultice on for 20-60 minutes, depending on the degree of damage. And then simply remove it and rinse the treated area with water.

In the comments, among the huge number of enthusiastic reviews, there were also some additional tips for this method. For example, some suggested using white vinegar instead of bleach.

However, there were also critics of the method. Some pointed out that the bleach actually just discolors the mold, not eliminates the problem itself. Some pointed out that the use of such an aggressive substance could damage the bathroom tiles.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how baking soda and tea tree oil can help fight mold in the house.

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