Tamagotchi 2.0: scientists have created a living clock that needs to be fed with real food

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Clocks that need to be fed

Gadgets are the constant companions of most people. But as soon as a device breaks down or a new model appears on store shelves, people don't think twice about throwing them in the trash and replacing them with new ones. But the fastest growing category of waste is electronics.

According to Uchicago, researchers at the University of California have created a smartwatch that runs on single-cell microorganisms. The so-called "slime mould" needs to be regularly fed with a mixture of water and oats. When the organism is healthy, it begins to grow and closes an electrical circuit, which acts as a kind of conductor and a "living" mechanism for the clock to work. Thus, by "reviving" the device, scientists wanted to influence people's attitudes towards technology.

Studies have been conducted that have shown how the simple use of gadgets turns into a mutually beneficial relationship, as the user is required to provide nutrition and care.

According to people, the use of this device is more like a partnership, as they had to take care of it. There is a certain attachment, as the gadget is alive and cannot be simply thrown away or even put in a cupboard. If you stop feeding the organism, it dries up, slugs hibernate for days, months or even years, but if you resume feeding, they can be revived. According to the people involved in this scientific work, a certain attachment to the watch has been evoked, it is more than a virtual pet that can be thrown away after death or simply erased, like in a computer game.

By revitalising devices in this way, scientists have set out to draw people's attention to gadgets, not as consumers, but to focus on the care aspect of them. To change people's attitude to technology, thus preventing such a problem as e-waste.

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