Suvorov's method. How to fall asleep in a few minutes

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This technique is used by reconnaissance men

Many people suffer from insomnia, which afflicts them even after a busy and difficult day at work. Soviet intelligence officer Viktor Suvorov (real name: Vladimir Rezun), who fled to the UK in 1978 and was sentenced to death in absentia in the USSR, wrote an autobiographical book about the work of the GRU in 1985 called The Aquarium. Among other things, the then British writer and professor of military tactics and history described a unique method that has been taught to intelligence officers for decades, as it allows them to fall asleep in a few minutes. Now, thanks to Suvorov, this technique is used all over the world.

OBOZREVATEL has found out that the author advises to keep your feet warm, your stomach hungry, and your head cold. That is, he recommends falling asleep in a cool room with fresh air.

This is because in this environment, the skin on the body cools down and blood pressure drops. In other words, the body feels the same as during sleep.

The professor also recommends having dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.

"Lie on your back, stretch out, relax your whole body. Close your eyes and roll your pupils upwards under closed eyelids. This is the normal state of the eyes during sleep. By adopting this position, a person falls asleep quickly, easily and deeply," the Aquarium says.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about how to sleep an hour longer. It is important to stick to the presence of one useful element in the body and use a few simple life hacks.

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