Surprise guests with beauty: what indoor flowers do not need watering

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Some houseplants do not need frequent watering

House plants are an effective way to clean the air and create comfort in the home. However, it is not always possible to take care of them all the time.

There are a number of unpretentious plants that will grow beautifully in unfavorable conditions. They won't even need to be watered often. Read more about the list of such plants in the article OBOZREVATEL.


The rating of unpretentious houseplants is topped by the popular cacti. They do not tolerate excessive moisture, so they do not need to be watered often. Moreover - from overwatering they will quickly die. One watering a week in hot weather and once a month in winter will be enough. Remember, however, that cacti like sunlight, so they need to be placed on a well-lit windowsill.



With violets is very simple: water them, of course, need, but not often. Experts say that two waterings a week is enough. Excessive moisture these flowers do not like, but the soil should not dry out.



Pelargonium will rot completely if you allow water retention in the soil. The flower will start to die from the roots. During the cold season, water the pelargonium once a week. And in summer, watering should be increased to twice a week.



Kalanchoe does not require a lot of water, because a lot of moisture is already contained in its leaves. It is a completely undemanding plant that withstands temperature changes and will grow well even in the shade.



Chlorophytum does not care about watering at all. Of course, the soil needs to be moistened from time to time. But if you do it seldom or forget to water, it's no big deal. Chlorophytum is very undemanding. It will grow in the sun, in the shade, in cool and too hot conditions and even in drafts.



Sansevieria, or "pike tail" as it is called, also needs almost no watering. You can moisten the plant when the top layer of soil becomes completely dry. Sansevieria is very resistant and hardy. It practically does not react to unfavorable conditions.



Aloe, like kalanchoe, stores water in its stems, so it does not need a lot of watering. If the plant is watered too often, it can die.


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