Stop doing this! 5 mistakes in choosing jeans that scream bad taste. Photo.

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The wrong jeans will ruin even the perfect figure

Jeans are a versatile wardrobe item. There is no such person who does not have a pair of denim trousers in their closet. But there are those who believe that such a garment fits them the worst. That's because you choose the wrong top, model, shoes or accessories.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what mistakes can completely ruin your look. Forget about it, so as not to become the subject of ridicule (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

1. Do not wear cropped jeans if you are short

Cropped jeans divide the ankle into two parts, which makes the lady look even shorter. Such a product is best worn by tall girls or fans of heels. But if your height is 160 and below, buy options that completely cover the ankle joint.


2. Do not buy jeans that do not fit

Be sure to try on the product before going to the checkout. You should be able to squat comfortably in your new jeans, they should not be tight in the waist and restrict your movements. Remember that the item can stretch during washing or, on the contrary, become smaller by several sizes.


3. Do not buy jeans that don't fit your body type

There are 5 main body types - apple, rectangle, inverted triangle, pear and hourglass. And this is not an invention of designers, but information that every girl should remember. If you have broad shoulders but not enough volume in the hips, give preference to muumuus or flared options. If you have narrow shoulders but wide hips, straight jeans will be your salvation.


4. Do not tuck tight tops into jeans

Airy shirts and T-shirts can be tucked into jeans without harming your figure. But with tight knits and sweaters, you should not practice this action. Creases and bulges may form on top, which will spoil the whole impression of you.


5. Do not distort the proportions of the figure with a high waist

High-waisted jeans can help to shape your figure, hide your tummy, unwanted sides and make your legs look longer. But don't confuse high waist with a "sky-high" fit. The second option will make your upper body look very small and your legs look unnaturally long.


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