Stewardess names the best and worst seats on the plane

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Even good places have some drawbacks, but the worst case scenario is bad in every way.

Choosing the wrong seat can make flying in a plane a living hell. Especially if the flight is long and you have to sit for a long time. Little legroom, the proximity of common areas, and even the location of your neighbours can all ruin your travel experience.

Specially for Insider, former flight attendant Beth Windsor told us about the best and worst seats on a plane. She has been observing passengers for 10 years and here are the conclusions she has reached.

Best seats

Row near the emergency exit

No wonder these seats are available for an additional fee - there is more legroom here. In addition, there is a good chance that you will not have any neighbours, as the rest of the passengers decided to save money on this option. However, the fact that the seats near the door are usually colder than the rest of the cabin can spoil the experience somewhat, and those who need to stretch their legs usually flock to this area. And in the event of an emergency landing, you will have to help the staff with the evacuation of passengers

Double rows

Not all planes have such rows. Usually in economy class there are three seats in a row. However, if you see that this option is available on your flight, choose it - in this case, you will have more space between you and your fellow traveller.

Front of the plane

In the forward section of the aircraft, there is less shaking and less noise from the engines. In addition, you'll be among the first to receive your food and drinks, so you'll definitely have a choice if the flight offers a choice of meals.

Middle section

The section directly above the wings is the most stable part of the aircraft and the centre of lift. If you choose these seats, you will feel the least turbulence even when you enter the turbulence zone. The downside is that you can hear the engines better.

Any seat near the window

Only a person with a very strong fear of heights will give up a place where you can admire the scenery. They are impressive and calming. In addition, it is very easy to isolate yourself from other passengers in these seats - just turn to the window.

Worst seats to sit on an aeroplane

Seats directly in front of or behind a partition

In such seats, you will not have a choice of where to put your belongings - you will have to use the overhead compartment. You will also not have a folding table in front of you. It can be replaced with a side table, but you will need to ask the staff for it. Also, baby cradles are often placed here, so if you are annoyed by baby crying, try to avoid seats near the partition. On the plus side, you won't have passengers in front of you who may decide to lean the back of their seat into your space.

Seats near the toilet

Firstly, there will probably be a whole queue of people who need to use the toilet above you, which can be very annoying. Secondly, you'll have to endure the smell of the toilet, hear the noise of flushing, and if it's a night flight, you'll suffer from the bright light every time someone opens the door. The only advantage of such a neighbourhood is that you will always know whether the toilet is free and whether there is a queue for it, and you will be able to get to the toilet at the most convenient time.

Seats near the kitchen

Most often, the kitchen in an aircraft is located in the front and rear of the cabin, and in large aircraft it can be in the middle. Since all food for the flight is stored in metal boxes, noise is unavoidable. Also, at least one crew member is on duty in the galley throughout the flight, which means that the lights will be on all the time. The worst seat in the row next to the kitchen is the aisle seat - you'll probably be bumped by food trolleys and people walking by.


The tail of the aircraft is the most sensitive to turbulence, so people who are motion sick will suffer immensely here. It can also be very noisy due to the close proximity of engines in some aircraft models and auxiliary power units.

Any middle seat in the row

A window seat allows you to admire the views, an aisle seat allows you to get out quickly if you need to, but a person in the centre has none of these advantages. In addition, they have competitors for armrests on each side, not just one. And it's the hardest place to fall asleep. This is absolutely the worst option.

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