Start as early as February: how to prepare your lawn for spring

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The lawn grass will grow lush

February, especially if the weather is warm this month, is the right time to start preparing your land for spring. And if you want your lawn to look gorgeous all summer long, it's time to take special care of it.

Yes, the grass is not growing yet, but the ground under it is already thawing a little and you can start preparing it for spring growth. OBOZ.UA tells you everything that lawn owners need to do at the end of winter.

Take care of bare areas

After contact with snow and ice in winter, scuffs and bald spots can appear on the lawn. It's time to start dealing with them in February to ensure that the grass grows evenly in the spring. If you sow it now, it won't compete with the weeds or stand out in March. So, cover the bare areas with fresh lawn or put the seeds in the ground. They will no longer freeze but will remain dormant until the first warm weather.

Check your lawn mower

Yes, mowing your lawn in winter is a bad idea. You can damage the grass and it will grow slower and not grow as thick. However, now is the time to take care of your mower. Clean out any debris and lubricate any parts that need it. Adjust all systems, tighten any loose nuts and bolts, and sharpen the blades. Then your first lawn mowing will be a breeze.

Apply fertilizer

You can fertilize your lawn in February twice. This will give the grass more nutrients as it begins to emerge from dormancy and help it support root development. The first fertilization can be done at the very beginning of the month, and the second before the first warm weather. You can also start controlling weeds and moss.

Do not trample on the lawn

The last task to do now is the easiest: you just need to stop walking on the grass to avoid soil compaction. February is a time when the weather is still cold, sometimes even frosty and wet. In such conditions, the grass can easily turn into thatch, and the thatch will prevent oxygen, water, and other nutrients from reaching the roots. Of course, this is not good for the lawn. Thus, try not to walk on it for now.

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