Square nails are back in fashion: the best design ideas that will delight you. Photo.

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Long square nails are back in fashion

There is a stereotype that long square nails look rough and impractical. However, 2023 will turn everything upside down and bring the sharp square to the peak of popularity.

Needless to say, the classic French manicure looks best on a square shape, but there are other designs that are worth trying. The editors of the TZR website told us about it (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

French manicure

On short nails, the usual jacket looks inconspicuous and laconic, but the overall look changes if you add length. The tip of this design becomes proportionate and even allows the imagination to run wild, as you can add a combination of varnishes, rhinestones, or create a full-fledged pattern.



Covering a long square nail with a soft pink colour can visually enhance the elegance of your toes.


Punk design

Spikes, piercings, and other punk jewellery will look stylish and unusual in the new season. This solution will suit beauties who are not afraid to be in the spotlight.



Metallic shades will be in fashion in 2023. They shine beautifully and look interesting, so interested glances and compliments are guaranteed.



Is there a better shape for creating a full-fledged pattern on your nails than a wide and long square? On such a "canvas", you can embody the craziest designs without worrying about running out of space.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that spring inspires changes, bold decisions and bright designs. This applies in particular to the choice of manicure, so it's time to pick up nail art for yourself.

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