Smokeless nicotine-containing products are better for smokers' cardiovascular system than regular cigarettes, Bosnian doctors

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Smokeless tobacco products are the best alternative to regular cigarettes, say modern scientists. It has fewer chemical effects on health and is more effective in quitting regular cigarettes," said Bosnian doctors, guided by data from large-scale clinical studies. Why is drug therapy almost powerless against addiction? And how can you protect the health of the cardiovascular system by choosing nicotine in a safer form?

A healthy cardiovascular system and lungs without giving up nicotine is not an easy task for avid smokers. The advent of smokeless tobacco products creates all the conditions for less harmful nicotine consumption and even for quitting cigarettes altogether," states Elnur Smajic, a cardiologist and coordinator for cardiovascular disease prevention at the Association of Cardiologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Only 3 percent of smokers permanently quit smoking cigarettes among the 80 percent who want to. Even the toughest ones return to the habit after six months.

Such statistics were announced by the doctor at the symposium "Multidisciplinary Approach in Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases", which took place in Tuzla.

The modern lifestyle of the majority of people can hardly be called healthy. After all, in addition to smoking, we do not move much, we consume unhealthy foods, trans fats, a lot of coffee, and alcohol. Add to this polluted air, too fast pace of life and noise - and sooner or later you will have health problems. And above all, these adverse factors will affect the cardiovascular system," says the cardiologist.

"That's why we recommend that our patients give up at least smoking and alcohol and move more. Moderate physical activity and giving up bad habits can provide effective prevention of cardiovascular disease," the researcher notes.

However, the majority of regular cigarette smokers cannot give up smoking. That is why Elnur Smajic suggests switching to a less harmful alternative to smoking - nicotine-containing smokeless products, such as tobacco heating systems, nicotine spiders or snus, and electronic cigarettes.

No harsh moves: cardiovascular prevention for smokers

Heated tobacco technology involves the production of significantly less harmful substances than a regular cigarette, numerous scientific and clinical data argue. For example, according to the SURVAPES clinical study at Rome's Sapienza University, heating tobacco technology, rather than burning it, has less harmful effects on the human body in terms of blood pressure.

"Most doctors have quite a few patients who can't quit smoking. We can't control that process, but we can recommend to such patients a less harmful alternative - smokeless nicotine-containing products," says the cardiologist.

"So far, there is enough scientific research that proves that a less harmful alternative to a regular cigarette may be the best prevention for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system for smokers," Smajic concludes.

The Situation in Ukraine: Conservative Approaches and New Technologies

Ukrainian doctors and other health care professionals are still guided by the principles of smoking cessation according to the 2018 information guide. Although many studies have been published in recent years, and less harmful alternatives to cigarettes have appeared on the market, our country still practices drug therapy.

"To date, only drug therapy in smoking cessation is used in Ukraine," notes cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences Olga Sribnaya.

The doctor believes that the transition from smoking cigarettes to electronic tobacco heating systems can help reduce the harmful effects on the health of smokers and their environment.

"In addition to world experience, Ukraine has the results of its own clinical study conducted by scientists at the Institute of Cardiology named after Acad. M.D. Strazhesko in 2017," states Ms. Sribna.

The clinical study proves: switching to electronic nicotine delivery systems helps to eliminate the harmful effects of cigarette smoke without disrupting the oxygen-transport function of the blood. This, in turn, avoids vascular damage. The findings also suggest that electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems have less harmful effects on the cardiovascular system compared to conventional cigarettes.

Despite conservative approaches, there are already clinically proven studies in our country that confirm the less harmful effects of electronic tobacco products on the cardiovascular system compared to conventional cigarettes. This is one way to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco on the body for those smokers who are not ready to give up smoking completely.

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