Seven things everyone forgets to wash and how to do it properly

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Next time you pack your laundry basket, remember this list

What do you pay attention to when it's time for the next laundry? Of course, you collect dirty clothes and underwear. Towels - both bath and kitchen ones - also go into the drum. You clearly change your bedding regularly. But have you ever thought that not all household items that can be taken care of in this way are washed?

OBOZ.UA has compiled a list of items that most of us forget to wash regularly. And in vain because they also need regular cleaning.

Warm blanket

In winter, a warm blanket - down or cotton - warms us well. Its weight calms you down and helps you sleep better. It also needs to be washed regularly. especially if you sleep directly under it without putting it on a thinner blanket. Washing instructions will vary depending on the type of duvet you use, so it's important to check the label for instructions beforehand. Clean it at least once every few weeks to keep it hygienic.

Winter outerwear

There is a stereotype that down jackets can only be dry-cleaned, so many of us put off this task until the last minute. However, experts say that a liquid detergent, a gentle spin, and the use of laundry balls are all you need to successfully wash your down jacket.


Yes, we wash our bedding regularly to ensure hygiene during sleep. But the pillow and mattress covers, pillows themselves, rugs and bedspreads also need to be cleaned. We also leave bodily secretions on them at night, so they need to be removed in time. Again, don't forget to read the labels to choose the right products and washing regimen.


Sometimes it seems that curtains just hang near the window and hardly get dirty. This is not true. They collect dust that makes its way from the street, come into contact with our hands when we open and close them, as well with our pets. Whatever material the curtains are made of, it is best to wash them on a delicate cycle and in cool water.

Sports bag

Many people wash their workout clothes almost after every session. But you carry it in a bag with which it comes into direct contact. And this material can also harbor bacteria and odors from moisture. That's why the bag itself needs to be cleaned periodically. If you want to freshen up your bag quickly, use disinfectant wipes (they are not suitable for skin). In addition, always put your gym bag in a laundry bag if it is machine washable.


While house shoes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're planning a laundry, slippers need regular cleaning too. Whether you put them on bare feet or wear them with socks, they accumulate bacteria and can smell unpleasant. Soft slippers can be washed directly in the drum; items with hard soles should be placed in a laundry bag.

Electric blanket

This wonderful invention, which allows you to stay warm at night, can also be washed, although it seems illogical because the item contains electrical elements. Carefully read the instructions for the electric blanket: it should describe how to disassemble it for washing. Make sure that the item is completely dry before turning it on again.

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