Scientists have discovered the most remote point on Earth: the way there was shown on video

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Scientists have discovered the most remote point on Earth: the way there was shown on video

How many times in your life have you wanted to leave everything - work and family responsibilities, the hustle and bustle of the city, and the information noise - and go to a place where no one can get to you? And there is such a place. They call it Nemo's Point, or the remotest corner of the world.

The Real Life Lore video blog explained where to look for this place. And how to get there. Spoiler: it will be very, very slow. To see the video, skip to the end of the news.

If you still want to see at least some people around you, but with a minimum of civilization, go to the volcanic islands of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean. They are separated from the coast of the Republic of South Africa by 2,700 km. Only 264 people live there. There is no airport, so it really is a very remote place, which can be reached only if you wish - the ships arrive there only 8-9 times a year.

And Point Nemo is called the place in the Pacific Ocean, the most remote from any inhabited land. The closest people can be found on Easter Island, 2 689 km away. There are almost no ship routes here, so no one will bother you in this most remote place in the world.

One problem - there is no land here, so you'll have to take care of a boat or other houseboat. But keep in mind, it takes 15 days, 10 hours, and 37 minutes to get here by boat. And it's only a one-way trip.

An interesting fact is that the people who might be closest to the traveler at Nemo's Point will be the astronauts of the International Space Station. If it flies exactly over this place, they will be separated by "only" about 400 km. Which is still much closer than the distance to Easter Island.

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