Saturn's transit will bring stability, success and achievement to four signs: who's on the list

Which signs will be lucky with Saturn's transit

In astrology, Saturn's transit is usually associated with life-changing events. "Difficult" Saturn transits often bring challenges, disappointments, delays in business, and misunderstandings in relationships. Positive transits fill life with stability, success, and achievement.

During a Saturn retrograde, astrologers advise us to identify the parts of our lives that seem to lack stability. Retrograde is a kind of test of endurance in many areas of life. As Saturn comes out of retrograde, it is a favorable time to address long-standing issues and make important decisions. Many changes will occur during this period, especially in the lives of the four zodiac signs.


Saturn passes through your personal sign once every 30 years and will remain in Pisces until mid-February 2026.

Astrologer Amy Demour said: "Over the past few months, you've been struggling more than ever. You may have faced challenges and delays in all areas of your life." These challenges will finally come to an end, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Saturn in Pisces will have an extremely strong influence on the representatives of this sign. You'll have to fight for your happiness, take on challenges, step out of your comfort zone, and make decisions that will affect your life in the long run.


You have probably experienced many disappointments in love. You want stability and deep feelings, you're ready to be open and faithful, but your personal life has been cracking for some reason lately.

Astrologers promise that the situation will improve soon. Saturn will influence your seventh house of partnership. During the retrograde period, you could feel very lonely, even if you are in a relationship. In some cases, depending on the other aspects in the chart, the relationship could have ended and ended. But Saturn in a direct position can help you finally find stability. You will be able to form deep connections and meet a special someone.


Saturn will influence your tenth house of career. Recently, the situation at work has been in a state of total stagnation. Finally, you will be able to move things forward. Negotiations, meetings, and partnerships will be successful.

During Saturn retrograde, you may have noticed more difficulty starting new projects or moving things forward. Now you will finally succeed in your career, improve your financial situation, or even find a new source of income.


Saturn will be moving through your fourth house, which is responsible for family values and family comfort. The fourth house is also about your core values in life. It was difficult to start new projects with Saturn squaring your Sun, but once this period is over, life will become easier.

Astrologers say that sometimes Saturn in the fourth house is about parents, or expenses related to home or property. You may also be interested in your family past or genealogy. Whatever the case, family matters will come to the fore, but also career matters will go well. It will be easier for you to achieve success or get what you have been dreaming of for so long.

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