Require minimal care: which flowers will adorn your garden for years

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Once planted in your area, these flowers will require minimal maintenance efforts

Caring for a flower garden is a wonderful hobby that brings a lot of pleasure and is pleasing to the eye, not only for the person who tends to it. However, many gardeners desire to have several plants in their flower beds that bloom beautifully but do not require significant care efforts.

OBOZ.UA sought advice from experienced flower growers, and they recommended several perennial flowering plants that are very unpretentious while blooming lushly and brightly.


The primary care needed for these extravagantly luxurious flowers is to provide support for the stems during the flowering period, as their huge double buds can cause them to bend toward the ground. The dense foliage of the peony remains attractive throughout the season, but in the fall, it should be pruned to prevent rot. Along with watering, this is essentially the minimum care required for the plant.


This plant thrives in well-drained soil and requires plenty of sunlight. It rewards you with a blue-purple haze of abundant small flowers that bloom in late summer and early fall. Perovskia needs some care regarding pruning the stems in spring, but it is generally resilient to drought and pests.


This plant produces bright pink, feather-like inflorescences and has undemanding soil and watering requirements. Liatris is a favorite among pollinators like butterflies and bees. However, it's advisable to choose dwarf varieties for ease of maintenance, as they don't require staking.

Purple Coneflower

Despite its name, breeders have developed echinacea in various colors. It is one of the hardiest garden plants, blooming throughout the summer with minimal care. Deadheading spent flowers is the only maintenance task required to prevent excessive self-sowing and encourage new flower growth.


The plant's globe-shaped inflorescences resemble those of onions, but they are more visually appealing due to their impressive size and color variety. Cutting back the foliage to the ground can stimulate re-blooming, but it's not obligatory.


Various exquisite iris species are among the least demanding garden flowers. They adapt successfully to various growing conditions, and the plant's foliage remains attractive after the blooming season ends. However, they can spread rapidly, so their expansion should be monitored.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA provided advice on which plants to avoid planting in your garden because they can be troublesome.

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