Petunias will grow quickly and get brighter: one trick helps

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Citric acid can help restore the beauty of petunias

Petunia is a favorite of flower enthusiasts. And for good reason. This plant is easy enough to care for, pleases with a huge variety of shades, blooms continuously until the autumn frosts and quickly covers a large area, making it easier to arrange the bed. However, it is quite sensitive to the composition of the soil in which it grows.

In particular, unsuitable soil can slow the growth of flowers, make them smaller and duller. OBOZREVATEL found out how this can be fixed with a simple fertilizer.

The most suitable environment for growing petunias is acidic soil. If the flower began to wither, it could mean that its pH began to change towards neutral. Therefore it needs to be acidified.

Lemon juice can help. Its solution should be quite weak - only 10 drops per liter of water.This will be enough to effectively feed the petunia, restore comfortable conditions for it.

It is even easier to observe the correct proportion if you dilute a tablespoon of dietary citric acid per 10 liters of water. It is better to let the solution stand for at least an hour, ideally a day. Water the petunias until the soil is sufficiently moist, taking care to avoid getting the solution on the leaves. You can also water petunias in pots and boxes with the same liquid.

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