Passion for cheese, cannabis desserts, and phallus worship: unusual facts about life in Canada

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Interesting facts about Canada

What associations do you have with Canada? Maple leaf, beavers, and plastic money? Did you know that it is the second largest country in the world, which has been recognized three times as the most comfortable country to live in, has a huge number of immigrants and is subject to the British crown?

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Geographical features and subjection to the monarchs of Great Britain

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, with an area of about 10 million square kilometers. It is 16 times larger than the territory of Ukraine.

At the same time Canada has a very low population density. There are only 3 people per 1 kilometer. For comparison, there are 72 people in Ukraine on the same area.

Formally the authorities of the country are still subordinate to the British monarchs. However, this rule exists only on paper.

The official languages of the state are English and French. Interestingly, Montreal is considered the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris.


Immigration policy and the Ukrainian diaspora

One in five residents of Canada was born in another country.

The local authorities do everything possible to increase the influx of people, in particular, provides foreigners with jobs and good living conditions.

At the beginning of 2022 there were about 1.3 million Ukrainians living in Canada permanently. However, since the beginning of the war, according to official data, about 500 thousand more citizens of our state have entered the country.


Rainy City and the Sunniest Place

Canada is a very large country in terms of size. It is located in six time zones and has regions with radically different climates. So it can snow in one part of the country while the sun shines in another.

And there's also a town where it rains 330 days a year. This is Ocean Falls, whose residents are used to a maritime climate and quite cool weather: from 0 to 20 degrees, depending on the season.

In contrast, there is the town of Estevan, where the sun shines for 2,537 hours a year.


Irregular hours, sleep problems and cannabis

Canadians simply adore television. They watch it for an average of 21 hours a week. Interestingly, about 128,000 homes even have plasmas in their bathrooms.

A third of the citizens of this country sleep naked. According to surveys, locals like to read books before going to bed.

Lack of rest is a big problem for Canadians. Almost half of the adult population sleeps less than normal because they often stay late at work.

The locals relax with the help of fully legalized marijuana. Cannabis is added here not only to cigarettes, but also to food and drinks. According to recent data, about 14% of the population uses it on a regular basis several times a week.

There are no pay toilets in Canada. All public toilets, and they are everywhere, are free and clean.


Giant juice boxes and a love of sweets

The favorite alcoholic drink of the locals is ice wine. It is made from pressed grapes of sweet varieties.

One of the most popular products among Canadians has long been cheese, especially cheddar. According to statistics, each citizen of the country eats more than 10.6 kilograms of this fermented dairy product a year.

Also here, they are incredibly fond of doughnuts. Canada has the highest number of stores with these sweets per capita.

And one last delicious fact. Canadians drink more fruit juice than citizens of other countries. It is sold here in giant packages of 5-10 liters.


Aliens, Santa Claus, and Uncommon Faith

About 10% of Canadians quite seriously claim to have seen a UFO at least once in their lives. In the middle of the last century, the country's authorities ordered the construction of a landing site for an alien spacecraft in Alberto. So far, no flying saucer has ever appeared there. Perhaps it's only a matter of time.

And there is also a very responsible attitude to Christmas traditions here. In particular, every year children, and not only children, write letters to Santa Claus and get answers to them. For this purpose, volunteer associations of 11,000 postal workers and pensioners are created, who are engaged in this matter for several weeks.

The country is home to many faiths, including Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Protestants, and Buddhists... But there is also a very unusual religious trend here for us. For example, St. Priapus Church has been working in Montreal for more than 40 years. Its parishioners worship the phallus.


The best country to live in



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