Orchid will bloom for months: a simple secret to caring for the flower

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The orchid can bloom for up to four months without interruption if properly cared for

Orchids can bloom even for several months (in some cases, up to four). But, of course, for this to happen, the plant needs to be provided with proper care and good conditions.

How not to make a mistake if you are a beginner in indoor gardening? OBOZ.UA learned about the secrets of professionals that can be easily repeated.

The fact that the flowers on an orchid fade and shed their petals does not mean that the plant has stopped spending its resources on them. That is why such flowers need to be removed from the peduncle. This way, the plant can find the strength for a few more new buds.

The peduncle itself is cut off when all the flowers have fallen off it and its stem has begun to change color. It is important to choose the right place to cut. Start by inspecting the orchid stem: every few centimeters along its length, you will notice thin bracts. If you gently feel them, you will feel small bulges called nodes. New stems come out of these nodes.

If all the flowers have fallen off and you feel the second bract from the base, carefully cut off the flower stem 1-2 centimeters above this bract. After about 6 weeks, a new stem will start to grow from the corresponding node. Make sure the orchid gets plenty of indirect sunlight during this time. In addition, try to provide it with a daily temperature difference. Popular phalaenopsis need 10-15 degrees cooler conditions at night. When the plant releases new flowering stems or branches with buds, you can stop arranging these temperature changes for it.

Do not forget to water the flower once a week. In spring and summer, add fertilizer to the orchid substrate once or twice a month. Do not use a universal composition but choose a special product for orchids and use it according to the manufacturer's recommendations or even in a slightly reduced dosage. An excess of nutrients will be very harmful to the plant.

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