Old Towns and Pristine Nature: Where Best to Vacation in Europe in May

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Old Towns and Pristine Nature: Where Best to Vacation in Europe in May

May is one of the best times to travel in Europe. At this time the weather is most comfortable for long walks in different cities, and in some countries, even the beach season begins. In the selection by OBOZREVATEL, you will find the best places for spring travel.


Choosing to travel to this tourist country in May, you can't go wrong. This is the time when the real summer begins here. The air temperature warms up to 27-30 degrees plus, and you can already swim in the sea.

If you like a relaxing beach holiday, take a closer look at the following destinations: Crete, Rhodes, Kos, and Kefalonia. However, in May most tourists prefer sightseeing tours in Greece. In particular, we advise visiting Athens, Thessaloniki, and Meteora.



Foreigners love to visit Portugal in May. Although the beach season is early, with temperatures of barely 27 degrees and water reaching a maximum of 20 degrees, you can already see people in suits in the coastal areas.

But tourists don't come here in late spring just for the ocean. This period is ideal for bus and car tours.

For many years, the most popular destinations are:

  • Lisbon (the Arc de Triumph, Fortress of Belém, Place de la Comércio);
  • Aveiro (Central Canal, Dominican Monastery of Jesus, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mercy);
  • Évora (Bones Chapel, Diana Temple, the old town).

It is also worth visiting the Azores at least once, where you can admire the whales.



May is when the most interesting events begin in Croatia. In particular, this is the start of the yachting season, which usually lasts until September. This sport is very popular with the local population, and tourists love these water rides.

The end of spring is also a perfect time for diving. The water temperature is already warming up to 18 degrees above zero, and vacationers are not very many, so you can enjoy the underwater scenery without too many eyes.

This is also when the long-awaited truffle hunt begins. Tourists love to take part in this action, which attracts not only professional mushroom hunters but also specially trained dogs.



In early May in Montenegro, the long rainy season ends, the sun comes out and the first tourists arrive. Of course, few of them choose this country in spring for a beach holiday, because the weather, unfortunately, does not yet allow it. But there is a lot to see even without the sea. We advise to pay attention to these locations:

  • Tara River Canyon;
  • National park Durmitor;
  • Ostrog monastery;
  • City of Kotor;
  • Ruins of the Roman city of Dukla;
  • Monastery Moracha;
  • Lake Skadar.


On May 1, Ireland celebrates the Celtic festival of Beltaine, signaling the end of the cold spring and the beginning of summer. On this day, many cities hold festivals and folk celebrations, which are very popular with tourists.

However, hundreds of years ago in Ireland in May and the beginning of summer, now here at this time is fairly moderate weather. The air temperature is 17-20 degrees. And everything around is in bloom and radiates beauty.

This country - is a paradise for lovers of eco-travel and pristine nature. Once in Ireland, be sure to visit the Cliffs of Moher, the coastal town of Howth, Dingle Island, the picturesque Glendaloch Valley, Cob Cathedral, and other beautiful locations.


Czech Republic

You should go to the Czech Republic at any time of the year. But in spring it is the most beautiful. The weather is not too hot, there is almost no rain, and the streets of different parts of the country come alive and gather musicians, artists, and bustling tourists.

Of course, you should start your trip with Prague but don't forget about other, no less interesting cities, such as Liberec, Mlada Boleslav, Beroun, Mělník, and Plzeň.



Switzerland is definitely not on the list of budget countries for tourism, but it is worth a visit at least once in your life. The ancient castles, high waterfalls, and incredible lakes - all of them fall in love at first sight.

Be sure to visit these places if you find yourself in Switzerland:

  • Rhine Falls;
  • Mount Pilatus;
  • Jungfrau railroad;
  • the town of Stein am Rhein;
  • the valley of waterfalls;
  • Lake Zurich.

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