Not for the pen: what the blue side of the eraser is for

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An eraser

An eraser is an indispensable item in the pencil case of every school or college student; it can be used to erase a misspelled word or drawing. Usually, the larger half of the eraser is orange, and the smaller half is blue.

Many people still believe that the blue side is intended to erase what was written with a ballpoint pen, but in fact, it is not. OBOZREVATEL took a closer look at this issue.

The differences between the two halves of the eraser are not only in color but also in the fact that the orange side is softer than the blue. This suggests that the softer part can be used to erase a pencil because it is easier to remove, and the harder part is intended for erasing a pen.

The blue side can get rid of pen marks, but in most cases, ink stains remain, or the paper tears.

Manufacturers created the blue side of the eraser to be used on thick paper. That is, it can be used to remove unwanted marks on grainy paper or cardboard. Such surfaces hold graphite well and can only be removed with the hard side of the eraser.

A ballpoint pen is also one of the important items that need to be chosen correctly for a schoolchild, so OBOZREVATEL will help you with this.

For younger children who are just learning to write, it is important to develop the correct pen-holding skill. That is why it is recommended that younger students also buy a special pen grip that corrects the position of their fingers.

A good choice would be a pen that has a rubber grip in the holding area. It prevents the instrument from slipping and allows it to be positioned comfortably between the fingers.

If the school does not have clear requirements for writing utensils, it is better to choose a pen based on the child's tastes. To do this, take them with you to a stationery store.

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