New movies of July: what to see in theaters this weekend to feel thrilled

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In July, moviegoers will see some exciting new releases

Interesting and edgy movies are very popular among connoisseurs of quality cinema. Viewers seek to get maximum emotions from watching thriller, horror, adventure and fantasy films.

Some of these films are to premiere in theaters this weekends. OBOZREVATEL has collected three movies that will give thrills and take your breath away (to watch trailers, scroll to the end of the page).

"Mission Impossible. Dead Reckoning Part One."

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise as the famous CIA agent Ethan Hunt will appear in the new part of the adventure tape. Dangerous stunts, dynamic scenes and unexpected plot twists will not leave thos who will plunge into a fascinating story indifferent.

"Insidious: The Red Door".

Fifth part of "Insidious" series about otherworldly forces will be a gift for horror fans who have watched the story with interest for years. Franchise filmed since 2010 will continue the story of Josh and his teenage son Dalton, who recalls a creepy situation from childhood. The heroes of the movie will have to face what almost killed them in the past.

"Asteroid City".

The film by cult American director Wes Anderson will show viewers the town of Asteroid City, spread out at the crossroads of a long deserted highway and railroad tracks. Only 87 people live here. In 1955, an extraordinary event occurs at a star watchers' convention that forces the attendees to stay there longer than they had planned.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote and about other films, the premiere of which took place in July this year. "Barbie", "Indiana Jones" and others are among them.

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