New clothes should always be washed: explaining why

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New clothes should be washed after purchase

You want to wear new clothes as soon as possible. There is still a debate about whether you should wash new clothes bought in a chain store or at a market.

According to experts, you should always wash your clothes after purchase. Read about the main nuances in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Removing formaldehyde and other harmful substances

In factories, clothes are often treated with special chemicals. This is necessary to ensure that the fabric does not deteriorate during transportation and storage and has a "presentable" appearance.

However, formaldehyde can cause allergies and skin irritation. Therefore, it is better to wash your clothes after purchase to avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

Cleaning from dirt and dust 

A lot of time passes from the moment clothes are made to their transportation to the warehouse and the actual purchase. Dirt, dust, and various bacteria quickly accumulate in the fabric. Timely washing will protect against the risk of possible illness.

The aesthetic aspect

Washing will make things more comfortable to wear. Heat treatment will refresh the fabric and improve the appearance of the clothes. Before washing, remove all tags, labels, and other items that may leave marks.

By the way, ordinary table salt can quickly remove greasy marks from clothes even without washing. Read the details in the article. 

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