Most interesting ways to use an old shower curtain

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What to do with an old shower curtain

A shower curtain is necessary to protect floors and walls from water. Firstly, hard water leads to limescale. Secondly, excessive humidity is the main cause of pathogenic fungi.

If the bathroom is not properly ventilated, there is a chance that the shower curtain will eventually get mold. It is better to get rid of it. Lifehacker shared the most interesting options for using an old shower curtain.

Ways to reuse a shower curtain

The shower curtain can be used when going outdoors. You can put it under a picnic blanket and the dense material will not let excess moisture through.

The curtain is also advised to use as a mat under the highchair. Babies often scatter food, so by placing a curtain under the highchair, you can save the carpet or parquet from contamination.

Hostesses use the curtain as a rag. Practical owners take it to the garage because they know that the dense material will come in handy when repairing the car.

Another option is to make a curtain mat for children (on which, by the way, you can even draw).

You can take the curtain on a camping trip or use it as a protective mattress.

Creative people can create an interesting masquerade costume out of the curtain.

An equally creative option is a large cross-zero board that can be placed in the backyard, using duct tape to create lines and a Frisbee (or other flat object) of different colors as markers.

By the way, a study by Safe Home found that shower curtains contain 60 times more germs than toilet seats. It's best to clean shower curtains by hand. To learn about affordable ingredients that will help wash and sanitize the surface quickly, read our material.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared reasons why mold appears in the bathroom and how to get rid of it.

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