More dresses and monochrome items: 5 stylish tips on how to dress for girls with wide hips

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Straight models of outerwear visually disturb the proportions of the figure.

If nature has given you wide hips, you need to learn how to properly place accents in your clothes to emphasise them. To do this, do not buy cardigans of massive knitting: they add volume to the hips. Also, don't forget that cropped jeans and low-rise trousers make your hips look wider.

And what kind of things will accentuate the shape? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Dresses and skirts

These are indispensable items in the wardrobe. Curvy hips look great in dresses with an asymmetrical or A-line silhouette, wrap dresses or high-waisted models. We also advise you to pay attention to styles with a beautiful neckline or collar. As for skirts, straight cut or trapezoidal shapes will be successful.


2. Trousers

Palazzos, which are relevant in 2023, visually "lengthen" the silhouette. The most successful models are made of dense fabric: they hold their shape and do not create "extra" folds. When buying jeans, give preference to black or navy blue, made of dense material, straight and flared. Ideally, without pockets and decor.


3. Accents in the image

One of the advantages of the pear shape is a beautiful waist. Emphasise it with a belt. If you want to accentuate your shoulders, add a scarf to your look. Another good idea is to combine shirts with puffed sleeves or turtlenecks/ long sleeves with straight-cut trousers.


4. Clothes without prints

Your outfits will look more elegant and sophisticated if they do not have "aggressive" prints: horizontal lines, geometry, flowers or animal patterns. Take a closer look at things in the same tone. Additionally, you can play with shades: choose darker colours for the lower part of the outfit than for the upper part.


5. Classic styles

The most ideal option for girls with curvy hips is a midi or maxi coat or trench coat with a wide bottom. That is, A-silhouettes. Forget about straight models of outerwear: they visually distort the proportions of the figure.

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