Lunar eclipse: how to watch a rare phenomenon online. Broadcast

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On May 5, a lunar eclipse will occur, unique in that it can be observed without additional instruments. Scientists predict that this will be the deepest penumbra eclipse for the period from 2017 to 2042.

Ukrainians will be able to witness the phenomenon: it will start at 18:14 in Kyiv time. The peak is expected at 20:22, and at 22:31 the eclipse will wane. You can also watch the eclipse online. This is reported by Space. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the video)

Astronomers say that at least a small part of the eclipse will be able to see with their own eyes more than 80% of the population of the planet. The territory of Ukraine will be visible in its final phase.

The eclipse will begin at 15:15 GMT and will peak at 17:24. The moon will be darker, entering the outer edge of the shadow of the Earth. That is, the satellite will not disappear completely: this phenomenon is known as a penumbra eclipse. It will be able to observe the inhabitants of most of Europe. In Asia, Africa and Australia darkening of the moon will also be noticeable.

Specialists will conduct a unique online broadcast of the eclipse, which can be viewed on YouTube or on the Virtual Telescope website.

Darkening occurs when the Earth and its satellite seem to be placed on the same line. The Earth, being inside such a position, will begin to cast a shadow on the lunar surface.

Full eclipses are the most spectacular. During the penumbra, the surface of the Moon will become dark gray or dark brown. At the peak of the dimming, up to 94.6% of the surface will be covered by shadow.

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