Lipstick is also a weapon. Why it's important to wear makeup and take care of yourself during the war

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Why it's important to paint your lips during war

During the war, most attention is focused on basic needs and successful survival, which is why many women forget about self-care due to lack of strength and possible "inexpediency." However, Olena Anoprienko , head of the Okhmatdyt Center for Medical, Psychological, Social and Rehabilitation Assistance, is convinced that applying makeup is important.

The psychologist emphasizes that while saving others, you should maintain a neat appearance. "Makeup and self-care - even during the war - help to normalize the psychological state," Vogue.ua quoted her as saying.

Anoprienko stayed at her job at the department from the first day of the war. She would do makeup and hair every day to give patients confidence and hope.

For her part, Farfetch's head of beauty content Sofia Panich notes that beauty has a huge impact on a person's mood and well-being.

"Throughout my career, I have collaborated with and written about charitable organizations that provide beauty advice and cosmetics to women with breast cancer, women who have survived domestic violence, and shelters for LGBTQ+ youth. I have seen with my own eyes how people felt more confident after doing their hair and makeup or after receiving a package of products, and how this confidence had a good effect on their mood," she said.

Why it is important to wear lip color during the war.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, psychologist Halyna Voloshyna shared tips to help overcome feelings of apathy and regain inner self-control. The expert noted that even if we can't change the situation, we can change our attitude to it.

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