July will bring dramatic changes: who is lucky. Horoscope

Planetary transits in July can bring a lot of luck

July has already begun with its dramatic transits. Venus is still enjoying its sojourn in fiery Leo. Mars will remain in Leo through July 10 and then enter grounded Virgo for six weeks.

Although Venus doesn't leave Leo until October, it begins its eight-week retrograde motion this month on July 22. This is a high point in the zodiac, as Venus turns retrograde only once every two years. Neptune, the fantasy planet, is in Pisces for its first full month of retrograde. And following the Sun's passage into Leo on July 22, things will be moving pretty much at a rapid pace. Astrologers tell us what this brings to each of the signs individually.


When your planetary ruler Mars enters Virgo on the 10th, you'll feel a dramatic change in your mood and priorities. You will pay attention to your health and well-being. Take care of your body's needs, even if you've been putting it off until now. Make your well-being a priority, and you will reap the rewards. As the Leo season begins, you'll feel a slightly softer, more withdrawn version of your own personality. And this may surprise you and your loved ones at first. The North Node, the symbol of our highest destiny, will enter your sign on July 17 and stay there for the next year and a half. This will be the beginning of an era of profound transformation. You are evolving and your wings are growing. But it may also bring a whole set of growth ailments. Be mindful of yourself.


This month, your planetary ruler Venus begins a two-month retrograde motion through the sign of Leo on July 22. The first effects of this transit have already begun, as you may feel dramatic turmoil in your relationships and lose patience with others. Relieve tension with physical activity. That way you won't let your frustrations consume you from within. Meanwhile, the North Node will leave your sign on July 17, so you should learn all the lessons that fate has brought you since January 2022. Start a new section and say no to unhealthy behaviors. The presence of Mars in Virgo from July 10 will give you the discipline to begin this important process step by step.


Your ruler Mercury in the sensitive sign of Cancer at the beginning of the month makes you unstable to strong emotions that you also don't know how to let out. Make this your primary concern before the Sun moves into Leo. Accept the fact that you have feelings and learn to meet them directly rather than running away from them. Right now you want to be in your own little world and out of contact with your environment, but when Venus begins its retrograde in Leo on the 22nd, you may have a tendency to speak without thinking. This could affect your relationships. So be careful. This month, you're advised to be clear about what you want and why you want it, so you don't end up confused and hurt yourself or others through your inconsistency.


Your season this year teaches you patience and trust in the process. The full moon may have illuminated a special person for you with whom you may have a romantic connection. You see the best in someone who also sees the best in you. In the first half of the month, you can expect an engagement, a wedding appointment or new friendships. But try to avoid making major relationship decisions beginning July 22. Retrograde Venus in Leo won't be conducive to this. Not everything will be as it seems. Focus on paying off debts and organizing your finances during the retrograde period. Focus on your own priorities. Leo season is a rebranding season for you. Move towards your ideal self-image.


You at the beginning of July and you at the end of it will be like two different people. This is largely due to the fact that Venus will begin its retrograde motion through your sign. You can already feel this period approaching. So give yourself space and time to shed the dead skin and prepare for your own rebirth. This process may take longer than you bargained for. But part of your mission this month is to learn to be patient. Mars moving into Virgo on the 10th will help facilitate this. Try not to make too many commitments to enjoy what you already have in your life.


The month began with a full moon in Capricorn, illuminating your sector of fun, destiny and true love. You may be greatly surprised by someone's confession of feelings. You may even begin to wonder if it's too good to be true. With your planetary ruler Mercury in Cancer through July 11, you can intuitively distinguish between people talking and people acting. Trust your intuition. Mars, the planet of action, enters your sign July 10 and stays there through August 27. This transit helps boost your self-esteem, but it can make you take on other people's problems and lead to overwork. Give yourself rest and set boundaries. Learn to say no. Put your needs first.


Your planetary ruler Venus hasn't entered retrograde yet, but you're already feeling the shadow of this change. This may not be the best month to start a new relationship or friendship. Devote it to making sure the current connections in your life are solid and mutually beneficial. On July 17, the South Node moves from Scorpio to your sign. This means that a lot of unseen work will come down on you. You will learn more about yourself if you reject society's notion of what kind of person you need to be. The more you free yourself from other people's expectations this month, the more amazing your life will become.


The South Node is still in your sign and your intense spiritual journey continues. But on July 17, that will end and you'll focus more on the bodily like taking care of your health and well-being. Start expressing yourself creatively. Show people anything you've been creating in secret.This can have an impact on your career. People will admire your skills. You are best to take creative and professional risks in the first three weeks of the month. So don't hold back your creative impulses.


Start restructuring your finances in a more rational and mature way. In the past you might have lived by the principle of "money in, money out," but now that your planetary ruler Jupiter is in Taurus through May 2024, you can understand the importance and significance of saving. This month, the planets help you get your life together by encouraging you to pay attention to your financial patterns and make necessary adjustments. When Mercury enters Leo on July 11, you'll feel so positive that you'll want to share something good with others. Well, don't deny yourself, but don't say too much so you don't drain your energy. Make sure your words match your actions.


Pluto will soon begin its retrograde motion through your sign. You may receive news from the past, such as from former loved ones or people who have fled your life. Don't let them break through the boundaries you've set for them. Mars entering Virgo on July 10 will give you the stability you need after the dramatic Mars transit through Leo. But you may start to take yourself and others too seriously. You will also start spending too much energy building relationships instead of living life. Fortunately, the entrance of the North Node into Libra on July 17 will lift your spirits for the next year and a half. You can let go of control and trust the flow. Make this your mantra of the month.


You've probably started the month in hermit mode. Your creativity and high productivity in the previous period has drained you, you may even be feeling burned out. Find your rhythm to recover, slow down for your own good. You'll also notice shifts in your ability to connect with others socially and technologically. The entrance of the North Node into Aries for the next year and a half will strengthen your communication abilities. Work on your personal brand. All you have to do is accept the challenge and continually showcase yourself and your gifts.


Your planetary ruler Neptune has begun its five-month retrograde through your sign. This retrograde helps you acknowledge your shortcomings, primarily to yourself, but also to others. It helps you recognize the fact that no one is perfect. This month will be about your reconciliation with yourself and others. You will be able to easily forgive those who have apologized and let go of those who are not worth wasting time on. These are all manifestations of love. After Venus goes retrograde on the 22nd, you may feel a lack of strength and energy. Devote this pause to your mental health. See a therapist to sort out problems in your personal life, start meditating or writing down your own emotions. This will all help you.

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