It's very ageing! Five make-up tricks to forget about after 30. Photo.

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A dense tone is not a good idea if you are over 30

The mistake many women make is to stick to the same make-up technique for many years. However, our face requires some beauty techniques at the age of 20, and completely different ones at the age of 40. So, with the help of make-up, you can age yourself by five years and emphasise all the flaws instead of getting rid of them.

The older a woman gets, the less foundation she should apply to her face and the less eyeliner she should use. OBOZREVATEL will tell you what other make-up mistakes women over 30 make. They should never be repeated (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Mistake No. 1 - an excessive amount of foundation

With age, the skin becomes thinner, wrinkles and dryness appear. If you apply a foundation that is too thick, it will roll and clump. If you are in your 20s, feel free to use BB cream as a foundation. For women aged 30 to 40, experts advise applying a mattifying primer to prepare the skin before applying a light liquid foundation. For those over 40, it is recommended to purchase a moisturising thin foundation.


Mistake No. 2 - too thick concealer

Due to the thinning of the skin with age, our under-eye circles become more obvious. Therefore, ladies try to hide them by choosing a thick concealer. Interestingly, it can only aggravate the situation. Pay attention to a liquid beauty product with a light diffusing effect. This will distract attention from capillaries and cyanosis. After application, let it sit on the skin for a minute to warm up, and then spread it evenly.


Mistake No. 3 - black eyeliner

A black pencil or eyeliner is only appropriate in make-up up to the age of 30. After that, this technique will make your eyes look smaller and emphasise dark circles. Instead, use light shimmering shadows and a soft pencil in light brown or dark blue.


Mistake No. 3 - lack of blush

The purpose of blush is to make your face look radiant, youthful and rested. A mistake is to apply it too low, under the apples of the cheeks. But an even bigger mistake is not using the product at all.


Mistake No. 5 - too much lip gloss

It is quite predictable that over the years, wrinkles appear around the lips. A side effect of applying bright liquid lip gloss is that it can spread into these folds. This will make your make-up look sloppy. Instead of using a liquid lipstick, use a creamy product that will moisturise your lips and make them look fuller.


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