It's all junk: 12 things that should not be in your kitchen

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Go through this list and you won't recognize your own kitchen

The kitchen is both a living and a technical room, so we often fill it with various utensils and products, sometimes without thinking about whether we really need them. And many things really just take up space without being useful.

That's why experts named 12 items that are nothing more than junk. OBOZ.UA publishes this list. Check it out. Maybe it's time for you to get rid of the excess too.

Damaged non-stick cookware

The task of a special plastic layer on pans and pots is to protect them from burning food. But if it is damaged, it begins to contaminate the food with microplastic particles, which leads to health problems in the future. Therefore, damaged items with non-stick coatings should be disposed of immediately.

Mugs with cracks and chips

Damaged mugs are not just ugly but also dangerous. You never know when a cracked mug will finally break from a hot drink and burn your skin. And chips on glassware, such as glasses, can also scratch your lips.

Unnecessary or damaged food containers

These items are often the main source of chaos in the kitchen. Thus, just take out all the plastic storage utensils one day, evaluate them in terms of their usefulness in the household, and get rid of unnecessary and damaged ones. For example, take it for recycling.

Deformed pots and pans

Pots and pans don't last forever, and over time, you may notice that some of them have become deformed. This is especially common due to machine washing. Cookware with a deformed bottom does not stand well on the stove, so food does not cook well in it, and it is not easy to repair such items. Therefore, it is better to simply replace them.

Table textiles with stains

If the stains on kitchen towels are not so bad, then you will hardly be able to use the tablecloths and napkins for their intended purpose when guests come to your house. So, think about whether you can find another use for them or whether it's time to get rid of them.

Spoiled food

Expired food and other spoiled foods are just taking up space in your kitchen. Thus, use them for composting or just throw them away. It is unlikely that you will be able to use them in any other way.

Unwanted food

Sometimes we buy atypical products for some dishes that we don't use in our daily lives. For example, original sauces or some unusual canned vegetables. If you find something like this while going through your cupboard, either put it to use right away or give it to someone who will definitely need it. In extreme cases, throw it away.

Stale dried herbs and spices

These products can be stored for a long time, so we rarely think about throwing them away. However, if you've had herbs or spices for more than two years, it's time to throw them away.

Scratched or deformed plastic boards

Such utensils are of little use. It's inconvenient to cut on it, and the scratches allow food particles to penetrate, which can grow bacteria. Chopping boards are a key kitchen tool, so be sure to use ones that are safe from all points of view. And those that cause you even the slightest doubt should be thrown away.

Split or worn wooden utensils

Worn-out wooden utensils collect food residues and bacteria, which can turn into a real hotbed of infection. Say goodbye to such tools without regret. By the way, they can be replaced with similar but more durable silicone ones.

Empty jars

You may or may not be able to reuse these jars somehow. Go through all the empty glass in your cupboards and take the excess to the recycling center.

Unused kitchen items

Even kitchen utensils that are in perfect condition can make a mess if they are not used. Go through all the tools and appliances you have in your kitchen and give away or sell everything that is in good condition but you don't really need.

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