Is your smartphone always hot? What is the danger of overheating your phone

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High temperatures are harmful to all parts of a smartphone

You've probably noticed that your phone gets hot during heavy use, such as a long conversation or gaming. We often take this as normal. This is true if the heat is moderate and then the gadget quickly returns to normal temperature. But it can also stay hot at rest and get very hot while charging. And these are bad signals. Therefore, you need to know why your smartphone is hot and what it means.

OBOZREVATEL talks about the reasons why the phone is heating up. As well as the consequences and how to prevent problems.

What causes a smartphone to heat up

There are three groups of components in a smartphone system that can get hot while the device is operating.

First of all, it's the screen. It heats up when operating at high brightness or displaying complex content. The problem can be solved by reducing the brightness.

During operation, the temperature of the processor, memory chips, communication modules, and video chip increases. This is a natural process. In computers and laptops, it is compensated for by an active cooling system; in a smartphone, coolers cannot be installed, so you need to monitor the state of the gadget while it is in use.

The battery may also heat up. An increased load on it occurs when using resource-intensive applications, and it can also heat up during charging, especially accelerated or wireless charging.

What can be the consequences of overheating

The high temperature of a smartphone can melt glue and separate parts, which can even cause them to fall out. In particular, this can happen to the screen. The cables, microphone, and speaker are also affected. Loosening the connection of parts increases the risk of a short circuit in the system.

High temperatures also accelerate battery wear. If the battery heats up above 60 degrees, it leads to irreversible chemical processes. The battery can swell and, in the worst case, even explode.

The electronics of the gadget also suffer from overheating. In particular, this leads to the fact that the process begins to trot - skipping cycles, which has a negative impact on the functionality of the smartphone. The quality of work of all communication modules deteriorates.

How to protect your smartphone from overheating

First of all, do not overload the device. If you notice that it starts to heat up more than usual, close all applications and put it aside to let it cool down.

Do not force this process under any circumstances. Do not put your hot phone in the fridge or take it outside in cold weather. Just switch it off and let the temperature return to normal naturally.

Also, do not charge a hot device. Doing so will accelerate the wear and tear on the battery. In the worst case, this will lead to its complete failure.

If the gadget starts to get very hot, it may mean that it has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. You can contact a service centre that will determine the cause of the heating, but be prepared that repairing or buying a new phone will cost you a pretty penny.

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