Experts answer whether it is possible to interrupt smartphone charging

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Experts have reassured those who worry that short charging cycles can damage a smartphone

How you charge your smartphone determines the longevity and capacity of the battery. This is a known fact. However, there are numerous fears and myths. Many believe that interrupting the process of charging the gadget is bad and it allegedly can damage its battery.

OBOZREVATEL decided to investigate the intricacies of the process from the point of view of experts. We give a professional answer to the question of whether it is possible to interrupt the process of charging a smartphone.

In cell phones of previous generations, the battery was not designed for incomplete charging. Because of this, its capacity gradually decreased. Therefore, many people have taken it as a habit to charge their phones at night while they sleep. Modern gadgets are arranged somewhat differently.

Their batteries are designed with the need to charge them partially in mind. That is if you can recharge by a few percent while traveling in the car, plug into an outlet while drinking coffee in a cafe or use a friend's power bank while walking. It won't damage the battery in any way.

Moreover, experts say that charging your phone to 100%, as well as fully discharging it is much more harmful to the battery. Therefore, the final answer to this question is as follows: it is possible to interrupt the charging of a smartphone and it will be even more useful than leaving it to charge for the whole night. There are no restrictions on the number of short cycles in this case.

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