Is it possible to charge your smartphone all night: a dangerous consequence has been named

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You should probably reconsider the habit of charging your phone at night

Modern smartphones are close to becoming exactly the kind of gadgets that users have been dreaming of for years. But there is one problem that has become more acute with the development of technology: the battery life of a smartphone. While old push-button phones could hold a battery charge for several days, the large touchscreens of modern phones don't leave batteries a chance. This raises the question: when is the best time to charge your smartphone? Many users have solved it in a logical way - they charge their smartphone at night when they are not using it. But is it worth it and is it safe to charge the battery all night?

OBOZREVATEL talks about the pitfalls and explains how charging your smartphone at night can harm your battery.

What happens if you charge your smartphone all night

When your smartphone is working, positively charged ions in lithium-ion batteries move from the anode to the cathode. When all such ions are used up, the battery shows that it is empty. When the battery is charged, the ions move in the opposite direction.

Almost all modern electronics can control the amount of power consumed by a smartphone while charging. The more the battery is charged, the less the load on the battery to prevent premature wear and tear. Once your smartphone battery is fully charged, the power consumption from the adapter will stop.

After that, your smartphone will return to consuming battery power and will only switch on charging again when the level drops to 99%. So it would seem that you can safely charge your devices all night long. But it's not quite that simple.

Experts have repeatedly pointed out that constantly charging your smartphone to 100% is not a good idea. It is believed that lithium-ion batteries will have a maximum lifespan if they are not allowed to discharge below 20%, and not charged above 80%. But in reality, this means that you should never discharge your smartphone to 0% and charge it to 100%, as this will deplete the battery and require replacing it.

Another mistake that people make when charging their smartphone at night is putting it under their pillow. Since heat accelerates battery wear and tear, such an overnight stay does not bode well for the future.

Experts also advise against using powerful power adapters that provide fast charging during night charging. They also tend to heat up mobile phones beyond measure. For charging during the night, you should use adapters with a power of 5 or 10 watts.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told what you shouldn't do while charging your smartphone.

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