iPhone users suddenly realized that Apple had been lying to them for years: What's the deal

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Even the most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max has only one speaker at the bottom

iPhone users suddenly discovered that they had been wrong about their favorite smartphone for years, while Apple had actually deceived them by omitting the truth. As the surprised users found out, the grille at the bottom of the smartphone - which looks like a speaker - was made simply to ensure symmetry.

Users began to share their discovery on social networks, as well as, in particular, on Reddit. At the same time, some users believed that they had problems with the gadget, or Apple for certain reasons blocks the full work of the smartphone.

"I encountered the fact that the lower left speaker doesn't work," complained one Apple forum user, quoted by The Sun.

A user suggested that the speaker on his iPhone X was broken, or blocked by Apple.

Another user revealed to him the secret that there is only one speaker on the bottom of the smartphone.

"There's only one speaker on the bottom of every iPhone ever made," explained tech expert Michael Black.

If your phone is lying screen up, the speaker that's to the left of the charging port is really just a visual imitation to make the bottom of the gadget look attractive and symmetrical.

"The grille on the left covers the phone microphone," the expert explained.

He also explained that this innovation appeared after the release of the iPhone 7 and almost no one paid attention to it, despite the fact that reviewers who studied new iPhones at the time of its release sometimes mentioned it. The most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max has a similar "speaker.

The smartphone's stereophonic sound, as it turns out, is provided by the real bottom speaker, as well as another speaker at the top of the screen.

The fake left speaker, as other users added, also serves as a cooling function for the iPhone and is equipped with an altimeter.

Reddit forum users made a similar discovery. When one user asked whether the malfunction of one speaker was a hardware error, it was explained to him that "it's not the speaker, it's just a microphone pointing down.

"Don't worry, it's not a defect," the user was reassured online.

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