Interior "killers". 8 things that will spoil any apartment

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A number of things look terrible in the interior

Every housewife dreams of making her home unique and cozy. However, sometimes it doesn't work out even with the most fashionable renovation and expensive furniture. The fact is that there are things that "kill" the interior.

Dom&Sad magazine has named the most terrible little things that spoil the look of an apartment. We are talking about eight seemingly invisible mistakes at first glance.

Wires should be hidden
  1. Wires and extension cords sticking out In addition to being dangerous, cords scattered around the apartment create the impression of clutter, even if the house is perfectly clean.
  2. Insufficient number of outlets. Today, every family member has a gadget, or even several. Of course, all devices require charging, and when an outlet has to be shared, it can even lead to a scandal between loved ones.
  3. Plumbing hatches. The mere mention of this word immediately disgusts. These are "intimate" places in the apartment that should be hidden from view. Especially from strangers.
  4. Sloppy jointsof coatings. The most beautiful parquet can be ruined by a sloppy joint. In this case, there is a feeling of incompleteness.
  5. Catchy moldings. This decor was originally invented to hide imperfections. It can complement the design, but never "shout" it.
  6. Inappropriate decor.A lot of different figurines, old Soviet souvenirs, inappropriate vases and so on will never make your interior unique. They will only demonstrate a lack of taste.
  7. A large number of surfaces. The main rule of design is not to overdo it. The same rule applies here as with inappropriate decor.
  8. Dryers for clothes. Household items should be hidden. Mops, rags, buckets should not be in a prominent place. And dryers can be added to this list of household items that no one should see.
An apartment should not have many surfaces

Experts advise keeping in mind that even the smallest flaws can make a sophisticated design look ridiculous. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant to every corner of your home.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, five things in an apartment can catastrophically ruin the interior, making it outdated.

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