In the supermarket, cars, and cinema: neural network shows how the characters of The Lord of the Rings would look like in the modern world

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Neural network shows how the heroes of The Lord of the Rings would look like in our world

Artificial intelligence can perform many tasks and even visualise what the characters of famous films would look like in our time. Thus, the Midjourney neural network showed the heroes of the Lord of the Rings film series in the usual conditions.

OBOZREVATEL decided to demonstrate our favourite characters from the famous film universe. The neural network has drawn them in cars, cinemas, supermarkets, and other places (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Thus, according to the AI, the wizard Gandalf would visit a cafe first, and the elf Legolas would have his own car. Or maybe more than one.


Sauron, Midjourney believes, would love to watch movies himself nowadays. Although he would not trade his costume for ordinary clothes.


The hobbit Frodo was depicted in a jewellery store, and the elven princess Galadriel was shown right in the middle of a noisy metropolis.


The last character in The Lord of the Rings to be visualised by the neural network was the half-elf Elrond. The somewhat bewildered hero found himself in a familiar supermarket.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that artificial intelligence specialising in image creation was asked to draw a painting "The Kremlin is Burning" in the style of various world-famous artists. Read our article to find out how it turned out.

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