In Russia, the number of supporters of the perpetual war against Ukraine decreased: figures announced

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Has the attitude of Russians toward the war changed
Has the attitude of Russians toward the war changed

More and more Russians want the war against Ukraine to end in six months at the latest. Now the percentage is 41%, while in December 2022 it was only 10%.

This was stated by Alexander Shulga, director of the analytical center "Institute of Conflict and Analysis of Russia", doctor of sociological sciences, on May 16, reports Military Media Center. It is specified that the survey was conducted by telephone interviews in various regions of Russia.

According to the researcher, Russian society has developed a demand for a timeframe for the so-called Special Military Operation.

The number of supporters of an open-ended war until Moscow "achieves all of its goals" has also decreased. In April 2023, 13% of respondents were in favor of such an option, while in December 2022 - 48%.

It is noteworthy that some Russians believe that to some extent the goals of the "special operation" have allegedly been achieved: about 4% - that they have been achieved completely, and 46% - that they have been achieved partially.

The myth of a "united people" is gradually dissipating. In December of last year, 62% of Russian citizens surveyed considered Ukrainians and Russians to be "one people," while in April of this year this thesis is already supported by 39%.

However, as Shulga noted, one should not hope for a change in the consciousness of people who have been living in a totalitarian regime for a long time.

"The fact of aggression against Ukraine does not exist in the minds of Russians because, in the opinion of Russians, there is no sovereign state that they attacked, because Russian citizens believe that during the so-called SMO their military is either saving Ukrainians or fighting with Nazis who must be destroyed or assimilated," the expert explained.

There is also a routinization of the war. Last year, 50% of respondents said that the current problem for them is the SMO. Now this issue has equalized in priority with economic problems.

Researchers showed what issues Russians are most concerned about.


- U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken allowed for the first time that Russia could be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. This would lead to the international isolation of Moscow and force Washington to impose additional restrictions on countries that cooperate with the Kremlin.

- White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said that international sanctions imposed on Russia directly affect its ability to wage war against Ukraine. Primarily because they limit the activities of the Russian military-industrial complex and gradually destroy the economy of the aggressor country.

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