If your cat is howling: the strange sound may indicate serious problems

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The signs of a cat can be understood if you pay enough attention

True cat lovers know how diverse the repertoire of sounds can be. An ordinary meow can have several intonations that signify a whole range of feelings - from tenderness to threat. However, howling remains a rather atypical sound for a cat. It can indicate very serious problems.

OBOZREVATEL figured out what it can mean when a cat howls and how to understand that the animal needs help. Here is a list of the most common causes of this sound.

The cat is hungry

A cat can have a million ways to tell its owner that it is hungry. And howling is one of them. Just fill the cat's bowl and watch what happens next. If the howling stops, the problem is solved, and you have learned another "word" from your pet's vocabulary. If the unpleasant vocalizations continue, keep looking.

The cat wants attention

Not all cats need human attention - most behave more like hermits. But if you have a fluffy extrovert, get ready for him to come up with a thousand reasons to pay attention to you. He will wake you up at 5 am just to show you how beautiful he is, learn to touch you with his paw, and, yes, howl nastily.

The cat is bored

Even the most introverted of cats still need various activities to expend their energy. As a rule, it's about active games - chasing a crumpled piece of paper, dropping things from a height, jumping on surfaces. But the cat itself is unlikely to provide itself with toys, especially without harming your belongings. Therefore, it may start howling, demanding that you give him something to entertain himself. Give your furry friend something interesting to do; it will most likely be enough for him.

The cat's hormones are at play

Unexpected howling often signals the beginning of the breeding season in cats. Females are especially prone to such cries. It sounds really awful, especially at night. If you don't plan to breed cats, don't torture yourself or your cat - get your furry friend sterilized. Especially since, according to statistics, sterilized cats live longer and do not suffer from some health problems.

The cat is in pain

Instinctively, cats tend to hide their pain. So, if the animal starts howling, it means that it should be taken to the vet immediately. Especially if a furry animal of a certain age, not previously prone to such behavior, suddenly starts to behave this way. Howling can be a symptom of arthritis or hyperthyroidism, a disorder that causes increased irritability, expressed in part through howling.

The cat has cognitive dysfunction

Just like humans, older cats can develop dementia. Behavioral disorders are also similar. If an old cat walks around grumbling and often quarrels with loved ones, the cat starts howling. The animal ceases to understand what is happening around it and expresses dissatisfaction because of unpleasant sounds. You can correct this behavior by providing the animal with easily digestible food, especially before bedtime, arranging a comfortable sleeping place where no one will disturb it, and introducing active games at night into its schedule. This way, your old grumpy cat will get tired and won't bother you with screams at night.

The cat has behavioral problems

If a young cat started howling, and none of the above methods worked, then there is a reason to suspect behavioral problems. Try keeping a log of all your cat's actions. Write down exactly when it howls and try to figure out the trigger that provokes it. For example, a cat may howl when a stranger enters the house or, conversely, when one of the family members is away for a long time. Or it may start to misbehave after moving. Cats can react to stress by howling - find the cause of this stress and eliminate it if possible. If you are unable to identify the trigger yourself, find a cat behaviorist. Most importantly, do not get rid of the animal. Any problem can be solved with a little effort and love.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to understand that a cat is bored and how to entertain it properly.

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