If you decide to go blonde: 5 factors to consider so you don't regret it later. Photo.

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Before becoming a blonde, you need to know 5 factors

Dyeing your hair blonde is always a responsible decision, as aggressive dyes can damage your strands if used improperly and not taken care of properly. Moreover, the wrong shade can spoil the appearance, and it will take time and additional funds to change the colour.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider the decision and consult with a colourist. In a conversation with Harpers Bazaar editors, celebrity stylist Nicola Clarke named 5 main factors to consider (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

Skin tone

The hair colour of a famous Hollywood star or work colleague, which seems beautiful, may not suit you at all. It's worth consulting your hairdresser to find out which shade of colour will best match your skin tone and eye colour. Some people will go for warm blonde, while others will go for cold. An expert will help you decide on the final result.



Before colouring, you should tell the hairdresser how you want your hair to look at the end of the procedure. Sometimes, the length of the hair is changed with the colour, bangs are cut, etc. This way, the professional will know where to start and what details to focus on.

Lifestyle and budget

Changing hair colour to blonde is not the cheapest procedure, and it also requires regular care. If you can't visit salons often, you should warn the technician. Perhaps they will choose a technique that does not require regular salon procedures. In addition, you need to tell them how you are used to styling your hair.


Wardrobe and make-up

The colour of your clothes and make-up usually echo the shade of your hair. For example, if a cold lipstick colour suited dark strands, then warm blondes will have to change their make-up. The expert should know what kind of cosmetics you use, as well as the colours that predominate in your wardrobe.

Time frame

The most gentle way to dye your hair blonde is to do it in several steps and stretch it out over time. If you want to change your image dramatically, you should be prepared for the strands to be severely damaged and require special care.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that a hairstyle can help to radically change the image and even visually rejuvenate the face. To do this, you need to follow the trends and decide on the hair colour that suits you.

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