How to wash your shoes safely in the machine: basic tips

Before you wash your shoes, you need to prepare them. Source: Pexels

Most people have a favorite pair of shoes that they use most often. So we want them to last as long as possible and look neat.

When there is no time to wash sneakers by hand, we throw them into the washing machine without thinking about the consequences. OBOZREVATEL gathered effective tips that will help to maintain the beautiful appearance of shoes.

Leather, suede, vinyl and rubber shoes require special care, and improper cleaning will spoil their appearance.

Shoes with a heel or sandals, which are made of satin, silk and decorated with various decorations is better to take to a professional, because one careless movement will spoil the shoes and they will not be so attractive.

Sneakers made of nylon, cotton and polyester can safely wash in the machine. The material is durable and will withstand the entire wash cycle. But before that you need to prepare the shoes.

Remove the laces, insoles and other parts, shake out the trash, clean all the crevices and soles with a small brush. Place your shoes in a mesh bag or pillowcase, this will not only keep them from damage, but also reduce noise during the wash. Insole and shoelaces also put in a separate bag and then you can start the washing machine.

The program should be set as for delicate clothing, so that there is a slow speed. If possible, turn off the spin mode and use liquid detergent or capsules. Dry powder may not dissolve in the water and leave stains.

If the unpleasant smell is still there, wash the insoles by hand. To do this, add dish detergent or detergent to warm water and scrub them with a stiff brush. Rinse under running water and dry them.

Also, baking soda will easily cope with the stench. To do this, sprinkle the surface and leave it overnight. The mixture will absorb the persistent smell.

Dry your shoes in the fresh air, but not in direct sunlight. Strong heat can cause the color to burn out, and to keep their shape, put clean rags or paper inside the shoes. This will also absorb excess moisture.

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