How to wash wooden spoons and spatulas to avoid cracks and bacteria: the best ways

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Care for wooden utensils requires care

Wooden kitchen utensils are a good choice for any kitchen. They are environmentally friendly, safe to use, stylish and suitable for all types of cookware. The weak point of such spatulas, spoons and boards is their cleaning. Porous wood absorbs dirt and bacteria can easily grow on it.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about several ways to clean wooden utensils. And also disinfect it so that it not only lasts longer but also does not lose its appearance.

How to clean wooden spoons

To prevent such utensils from absorbing dirt and odours, they should be washed immediately after use. For this purpose, a regular delicate dishwashing detergent is suitable. At the same time, wooden utensils should be wiped dry immediately so that water does not damage the material and cracks do not appear on it.

You can also treat the wood with vegetable oil for added durability. First, treat the spoons and spatulas with lemon juice and salt to disinfect the material. Then brush the entire surface with oil and rub it in in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed. After treatment, let the wood dry. Ideally, leave it overnight, and in the morning, wipe off any remaining grease with a paper towel. Repeat this treatment from time to time to protect the wooden utensils.

How not to clean wooden spoons

There is a popular recipe for soaking wooden spatulas in a hot soda solution. They say that after the dirt has floated away, all you have to do is rinse them under running water and wipe them off. But in fact, this method is harmful to the tree.

Hot water destroys the sensitive material - additional microcracks appear in it, which causes it to accumulate dirt even faster. It also causes the wood to lose its shape.

However, cold soaking is also not suitable for wooden utensils. Prolonged contact with water is bad for this natural material.

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