How to wash superglue from fingers: the most effective options that won't harm your skin

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It's not so fantastic to wash off superglue without harming your skin

Superglue is a convincing answer to many different household problems. It's also an essential material for creativity and various technical projects. But it also has an unpleasant property. Just as successfully as various parts and materials, it glues the skin of your hands. However, you can simply wash it off with soapy water in the first minute or two. And then you need to look for some other ways. Which would not damage the skin of the hands.

We asked experienced nail technicians for advice on how to deal with superglue on hands. Here's what they recommend for such cases.

Table salt

One of the most common tips for removing glue from your hands is to make a paste of table salt and water and rub it into the stain with light circular motions until it weakens and the glue film comes off the skin. In practice, this method is quite effective, but dermatologists warn that it should be used with caution. Salt can cause irritation, itching, and peeling of even healthy skin and exacerbate the manifestations of diseases such as acne or eczema. Therefore, they advise choosing one of the methods described below.

Soap bath

To remove superglue from the skin, take a bowl of warm water and dissolve a little cosmetic soap in it. After a few minutes of this bath, the traces of the product should be easily washed off. You can also increase the concentration of the solution by taking a glass of water for a quarter cup of any soap product. This liquid should be used to wipe the skin for about 20 seconds.


Oil, butter, margarine, or petroleum jelly are also good at weakening superglue. Put a little grease on a cotton pad and wipe the area covered with glue. It should soon come off easily.

Citric acid

A bath of equal parts lemon juice and water is quite capable of removing traces of superglue on the skin. Soak your hands in this mixture and the product will come off.


Experts do not recommend using the solvent on damaged skin, as it can burn and irritate wounds. It is also not suitable for sensitive skin. However, acetone dissolves superglue well and can be used if other life hacks have not helped.

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