How to wake up spathiphyllum: feeding "peace lilies" to have a lot of flowers

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A little stress can stimulate plants' blooming

Spathiphyllum, the indoor flower also known as "peace lily", is one of the easier plants to care for. However, even this flower can get cranky and refuse to bloom. The reasons can vary from improper lighting and watering to low temperature in the room or lack of nutrients in the soil.

If you are sure that all the conditions for the plant are met, then you should try to cheer it up to stimulate flowering. OBOZREVATEL learned how to do it in the best way possible.

A little stress

Pants usually return to active growth after spending a certain amount of time in not-too-comfortable conditions. For a spathiphyllum, this can be an unusual chill. If you leave it for a month or two in a room with a temperature of 16-18 degrees and then return to more familiar conditions (22-25 degrees Celsius), it will begin to grow actively, subsequently blooming.

The same will work if you move the plant to a more darkened place. In this case, it is necessary to slightly reduce watering, so as not to cause water stagnation and root rot. After a few months with a small deficit of light, the flower will revive.

Hot shower

Wam watering can also be stimulating. To make it work well, you need to remove the top layer of soil from the vase and replace it with fresh earth. Then water it with water at a temperature of about 40 degrees. This life hack can also work without changing the soil but do not repeat it too often, as it can severely damage the plant.

When carrying out stimulation is not an option

In the dormant period, spathiphyllum slows down its growth like any other plant. It does not produce new leaves or flowers. This usually happens during the cold season. Stimulating it at this time is not worth it, as it can be disastrous. Resorting to "resuscitation" of the plant can be done only when it is in the stage of active growth.

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