How to turn a maxi dress into a midi in a minute: a woman shows a life hack that went viral. Video.

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How to transform a maxi dress into a midi in a minute

Maxi dresses have remained at the top of the trends for several seasons in a row, but you must admit that this style can sometimes get boring. When you want to wear something less long, or maybe even an ultra-bold short one, don't rush to the store. Perhaps you can turn your old maxi dress into a midi or mini with a slight movement of your hand.

Fashion blogger and plus-size model Christine from Los Angeles managed to pull off this trick. The influencer shared the results on her personal TikTok page, where her video went viral, garnering over 33.2 million views and 3.1 million likes (to watch, scroll to the bottom of the page).

You don't need a sewing kit or a pin to implement an effective life hack with a dress. All you need are your hands, a minute of time and, ideally, a mirror.

Christine in the video started by lifting her tight maxi dress to the desired length. Then the fashionista smoothed the fabric, and then lowered it down, as if covering the bottom of the skirt with another layer.


The blogger thus created a new style of dress with a peplum detail on the hem.

"It definitely works," commented Christine, twirling in front of the camera.


Many viewers had a logical question: would the transformed dress lose its new shape after a few hours of wearing and walking? In response, the blogger admitted that she hadn't tested it, but she was sure that if you choose a tight fitting dress, everything will be fine. She also advised to use a belt or ribbon for greater reliability.

Meanwhile, in the comments, which have gathered more than four thousand, Internet users shared their impressions: "This is a great idea," "I've been doing this for years. It has really helped me out on many occasions", "I need to try it immediately".

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