How to quickly dry clothes at home in winter: this life hack will change everything and won't cost a penny

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How to dry clothes quickly

Drying clothes in the cold season becomes a real problem. Experts advise you to forget about radiators as they will contribute to an even greater accumulation of moisture in the air and can sometimes lead to deformation of fabrics. On cold balconies, things will take too long to dry, which is not very convenient when you have to wash clean clothes in the evening and in the morning.

Experts say there is a way out. The Express publication told us how to dry clothes correctly and quickly in winter.

Experts advise using a simple trick to speed up drying time. This life hack is completely free, by the way. In addition, you can save on electricity bills by not turning on heaters, dryers, or other appliances.

There is a surprisingly simple way to help dry your clothes. Instead of just hanging your clothes on the dryer and hoping for the best, Smol laundry experts recommend hanging them every few hours.

Although it may seem like a chore, constant air circulation will help get rid of excess moisture faster.

There is another way to simplify the process by simply changing the way you hang your laundry. When you unload damp laundry, experts recommend hanging things like shirts and jumpers on hangers. If you need to dry clothes in a very short time, you can open a window for ventilation or turn on a heating device. By the way, this life hack will significantly save space in the dryer.

When the clothes are dry, you just have to put them right in the wardrobe. This method of drying helps to smooth out wrinkles, so you will spend less time ironing.

Alternatively, you can place the dryer near a window, hang up your clothes, and ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes. This will help to reduce the amount of moisture retained in the air and prevent the formation of mold in the house.

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