How to quickly cool the interior of a car without air conditioning: a simple trick

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On a hot day, no matter how you protect the car, it will still get hot inside, even if it's standing in the shade. Running the air conditioner may help to cool the atmosphere, but it will take some time and the temperature difference between the street and the car will be too great. This can make sensitive people sick. It is better to use a tip that will help you to avoid using automobile climate control and quickly make the temperature in the car comfortable.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, this method will require only a few minutes and little effort. You will only need to use the force of a draught to cool the interior.

To quickly get the overheated air out of the car, you should lower any front window. And then open and close the rear door several times. This will create a natural airflow, literally blowing the heat outward. Already in a short time the atmosphere inside the car will become comfortable enough for the driver and passengers.

After that, it will be possible to drive safely. And use the climate control, which will not have to work at full power to ensure the optimal temperature in the cabin.

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