How to prune young trees: they will grow twice as fast

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The basic rules for pruning trees

Proper pruning is essential for healthy tree growth. It helps accelerate the growth and development of new branches. Young trees need to form a "skeleton" of branches to keep them in proportion.

Pruning can even improve fruiting. However, it should be done very carefully. Read how to properly prune young trees so as not to harm them in the material OBOZREVATEL.

Pruning rules for young trees

The first year

In the first year, a young seedling should be shortened to a height of 1 m from the soil. Above a well-developed bud make an oblique cut, using a garden variety. Seeing that the first leaves appeared on the tree, experts advise to cut them off (to a height of 60 cm from the ground). Should remain 4-5 buds. This will be the formed first tier.

The second year

In the second year, the main 4-5 strong shoots are reduced by 1/2 or 1/3 of their length, depending on the tree variety and branch length. If the branches have grown more than 50 cm, leave 25 cm above the skeletal branches.

Third year

In the third year, two tiers of main branches should be formed. On each tier of skeletal branches, leave a main branch and two branches for growth. After that, pruning is done so that 5-6 buds are left.

Then annually remove a few shoots that grow in the center - this will prevent excessive densification of the crown. Fruit trees with mature branches can be shortened by a third.

The main rule is to prune only in spring, when the sap begins to flow.

Pruning options for trees

Pruning for rejuvenation is performed when new shoots stop growing and the crown begins to shrivel up. About 20% of the crown is then removed.

To maintain the natural shape of the tree and to make the arrangement of the branches proportional, pruning is performed to shape it.

Sanitary pruning is necessary to remove diseased and dry branches.

There is also pruning for thinning - then get rid of branches that are too far away from the main branch. This, by the way, helps the growth of new pagons.

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