How to permanently remove cockroaches: tips for hostesses

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You can not only get rid of cockroaches, but also prevent their reappearance

Although cockroaches are no longer such a widespread problem, you can still see them in your home from time to time. Therefore, it is still necessary to know how to fight them.

House Beautiful turned to professionals to give their advice on this issue. And compiled step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of these pests.

Seal off dark bottlenecks

Cockroaches like to settle in small dark corners, such as baseboards. Find their nests in the depths of kitchen cabinets, in attics, basements or behind the refrigerator. If you notice pests in your home, inspect all such places and repair cracks or holes where they may be hiding.

Check cardboard boxes and electronics

If you are storing boxes from packages or large purchases such as appliances in your pantry or somewhere else inspect them, too. Cockroaches love corrugated cardboard as a comfortable environment in which to exist, and can set up their nests there.

They also feel good inside appliances because it's dark and warm. Televisions, computers, etc. can harbor these pests. Separately, this inludes appliances lying in storage.

Get exterior lighting to keep insects out

If you live in a private home, it makes sense for you to replace exterior lighting bulbs with insect repellent bulbs. They are less likely to attract these creatures due to the slightly different wavelength emitted. Insects don't see it and are less likely to pay attention to such a house.

Immediately destroy any eggs you see

Inside the ootheca, that is, the capsule containing the eggs of the cockroach, there can be several dozen nymphs, i.e. the baby specimens of this pest. And they mature very quickly, sometimes even in a few hours. Therefore, cockroaches reproduce so rapidly. That's why it is important to destroy oothecae immediately after you find them.

Place insect traps where cockroaches cannot resist them

Cockroach poison traps can be very effective if placed correctly. Place traps in places where these insects like to settle. But, if they don't help, you'll still need to call in professional help.

Call an exterminator

The best way to solve your cockroach problem is to turn to professionals. They know better where to look for the origins of the problem and use really effective remedies. But that doesn't mean that you don't need to make your own pest control efforts. Fighting the problem together is more effective in any case.

Take preventive measures

To make sure that the cockroaches do not just disappear, but do not appear in your house at all, you need to take certain preventive measures. First and foremost, limit the conditions that can attract these pests.

  • Keep food, cooked meals and even food waste in closed containers. This includes pet food.
  • Remove crumbs and small debris immediately after cooking.
  • Try to keep the house tidy so that roaches have no convenient, safe nooks to settle in.
  • Trim trees and bushes around the house so that they provide better access to air and sunlight, which roaches do not like very much.

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