How to memorize your dreams. Three simple secrets

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Details of dreams can be drawn. Source: pixabay.com

The American Psychological Association calls dreams a physiologically and psychologically conscious state. Therefore, experts say that dreams can often be a tool for increasing self-awareness. However, people often forget them and even more often do not know how to analyze them.

Psychology Today offers advice from Preston Nee, author of How to Interpret Your Dreams, which will help you understand what happened at night. These are three simple rules, but they need to be done regularly.

Do not open your eyes immediately after waking up.

1. Start a dream journal where you can draw details of your dreams. Writing and drawing on paper can help you remember better.

2. The best time to recall the details of your dream is right after you wake up. So before you open your eyes, go over everything in detail in your head. This can happen starting from the last scene. It is important to recall different emotions, as well as to understand the sensations after waking up.

It is better to write down all the details of your sleep in a diary.

3. Periodically note the most important dreams - those that are remembered for both positive and negative emotions. They can provide important clues to the workings of the subconscious mind. It is also worth noting recurring people, places or themes in dreams, or vice versa changes.

The dream can be recalled starting from the last scene.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, scientists said that sleep preserves the most emotional memories, reducing further reactions to these events. The longer people experience fear in a dream, the less they fear it in real life.

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