How to make your own power bank for a fridge from a car battery

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The basis of a home backup power system is a car battery and an inverter

A car battery can be your lifesaver in the face of prolonged power outages. Its power may even be enough to keep a refrigerator or TV running, and you won't have to modify the electrical wiring in your home to use it.

OBOZREVATEL found out how to assemble a power supply from a car battery to an inverter and what components to choose for this purpose.

Typically, car batteries output 12V, while home appliances require 220V. That's why you need a voltage converter inverter for such a power source. More expensive models will also allow you to charge the system while the power is on in the house. If you want to save money, you can buy a cheaper inverter, but you will also need to buy a battery charger that works from the home power supply.

How to choose a battery

It's true that you can remove an old battery from your car for a home power system. It may not hold a charge as well or have the capacity you want, but it will get you through the first time.

If you are buying a new battery, experts advise choosing a device with a capacity of 70 Ah or more. You don't need a high starting current capacity - it's designed to start powerful engines, while your task is to keep a certain number of home appliances running. The cost of batteries with the required characteristics now starts at around UAH 3000.

What kind of battery charger to buy

There are two types of chargers for car batteries on sale - with a voltage of 6V and 12V. The second one charges faster. That's the only difference we're interested in. The cost of the device starts from 1200 UAH.

The charger must be plugged into a household outlet and its terminals must be connected to the battery terminals. Charging should be done in a well-ventilated non-residential area. A garage or balcony is suitable. These precautions are necessary because some types of batteries can emit various hazardous gases during charging.

How to choose an inverter

When buying an inverter for your home power system, you should pay attention to three parameters: power, battery charging capacity, and available connectors. The more powerful the inverter, the more devices you can connect to it. You can calculate the minimum power required by adding together the consumption rates of everything you plan to connect to it in watts. For example, it can be a refrigerator, a TV, a phone charger, and several light bulbs. It is better to choose an inverter with a power reserve.

The simplest inverters have one socket, but it is more convenient to use models with several. They can work as a power strip. Some even have USB connectors for charging gadgets.

A basic inverter will cost 2-3 thousand hryvnias. A model with a power of 3000-4000 W, which can power many devices at once and charge the battery independently, will cost from 7 thousand hryvnias. Choose according to your budget and needs.

OBOZREVATEL previously told how to assemble a power supply for a home power grid based on a car battery.

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