How to make sure the house is always clean: the secrets of experienced housewives

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Stuff scattered around makes an apartment look untidy

To keep your home clean and tidy, you need to clean it regularly. But there is a difference between tidiness and cleanliness. You can wash dishes, wipe off dust, and shine surfaces, but scattered items, cups on the table, and toys on the floor will make a room look untidy.

Cleaning experts advise learning a few important tips to help keep your home clean at all times. ExPress tells us more.

Rule 1

You must learn to pay attention to details. Try not to throw clothes on the back of a chair at the end of the day, not to leave shoes on the doorstep, but immediately put them on a shelf, hang washed laundry in the closet immediately after it dries. These simple rules will make the house more tidy.

Rule 2

Weekly big weekend cleanings take a lot of time and effort. You can maintain cleanliness with small daily rituals:

  • Washing dishes immediately after meals
  • Wiping surfaces clean of dust daily.
  • Put things immediately on shelves or in the cupboard.

Rule 3

Get rid of unnecessary items. Do not accumulate a pile of old junk in the house. Don't clutter up the apartment with old worn-out clothes, broken devices, unnecessary accessories. The more free space - the cleaner the apartment seems.

Rule 4

Experts advise introducing a "recycling rule. Allocate a special box in which each member of the family will put things that are hardly used, but perhaps they will be needed someday.

And set a time - for example, 1-3 months. If you don't need it within that time frame, you should throw it away.

Rule 5

Make sure each item has its own place in a particular room. Make a shelf for cereals and spices in the kitchen, a drawer for linens in the bedroom, shelves for books and magazines in the living room, places for toys in the children's room. This way, your home will always look tidy.

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